Monday, December 28, 2009

buying Tudung Instant Ala Arianni in progress

Since dah ada baby ni, rasenye lebih mudah kalau pakai tudung instant...xyah nak pin sana sini...

So, me in progress membeli beberapa helai tudung for myself heheee...
Previously dah beli kat Puteh Boutique kaler Salmon & Light Grey... dah sampai n dah pakai pon... puas hati hehee...tapi me nak cube kt web lain lak... saje2 tuka2 kan...

Sementara sibuk membeli belah tudung nih, my blogshop pon tergendala lah... insyaAllah pasni akan sambung balik update brg2 utk dijual... trying my luck kan =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nursing Bra

Today, i would like to review about nursing bra =)
I have just bought several items for nursing purpose last month...bras and nursing essential...
I found that they're comfy and would like to share these products with all my friends and viewers =)

I bought : 

  1. Kelly Padded Nursing Maternity Bra
  2. Sarah Nursing Maternity Sleep Bra
  3. Tina Nursing Tank
  4. Eunice Nursing Maternity Bra
  5. Tummy Tube w Removable Shoulder Strap
All these items suits me well and so comfy to wear. I am so happy to buy these products since the quality match the price...and they're affordable =)
  • Kelly bra is a padded bra... quite thick if compared to other bras I've got myself
  • Sarah bra is so light cotton material...and make me easy to BF my baby,Ailaa at night...i love it!
  • Tina Tank...easy and comfy to wear at home...heheee....
  • Eunice bra....unbelievable to have the quality with only RM15.++ price...i am so amazed and cant hardly believe it...MUST TRY this!
  • Tummy Tube...cover my tummy while i'm BF with ordinary tops...turn ordinary tops into nursing tops automatically...JIMAT =D
All these i bought thru internet at
Go and visit this shop...i am sure you'll love it as much as i do =)

p/s: If you guys accidentally love this online shop and buy something from them, kindly refer me as your referral...(crdt to me a bit for my review,ok? =D ) ---enter or MARLISSA MARHE in the comment box when you place your orders...heheee....thanks guys =)

Epal Epal Epal

These are the courses that i am so excited about...

erghh...i can't wait no more...huhuhuuuuu...~

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby Changing Diapers Essential Needs

I am back again with more babbling hehee...maybe my current hobby now is that... free of charges - don't have to spend money to have this hobby muahahaa 

Today, i would like to recommend to all my viewers and friends  especially moms or mom-to-be =) to use what i use...or at least try these brands hehee...they suit me and Myiesha well ~ we love them! 

Based on my own experiences, i used baby wet wipes from three brands...don't have to mention here what are the brands la kan...not nice, the wipes i like the most is Anakku Wet Wipes simply because.....

  1. Anakku wet wipes are cloth like...really...some other brands did mention this too but the reality is they are not really cloth like...but Anakku....really cloth like and very soft
  2. Have refills packs that are so convenience 
  3. I am buying Anakku products from their boutique and i am one of the club member...member get points heheheee... 
For baby powder, i used Pureen Pure Cornstarch as i read before in one of mom's forums, it's not safe to use regular baby powder on baby's bum - it might cause cancer...i don't know either this is true or not but for me, better safe than being sorry later i use this one as recommend by that forum...

and the last product we use when changing diapers are..... minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau.... we just love it~! smells nice...and calming... heheheeeee 

Friday, December 18, 2009

My baby is driving me crazy

Dear my baby Myiesha,

Why are you driving me crazy these days? huhuhu.... agaknye ini one of phases yg mama kene lalui dlm journey utk membesarkan buah hati mama ni kot...

Lately,it is so hard for Myiesha to go to makes me wonder if Myiesha got anything that bother her but i dont think so... she demand to sleep with my nipple in her mouth... penah one time tu, almost two hours...adoi lenguh dibuatnyeee baring sambil mengadap Myiesha and xleh gerak2 lagi =P tapi xpelah mama sabar...sayang anak punye pasal =D cume sometimes because it taking most of my time...itu yg buat driving me crazy tu... xleh nk buat mende lain... dah la mama Myiesha ni xboleh nak tinggalkan Myiesha when she's mama should actually do all that mama want to do when Myiesha asleep but, Myiesha needs mama when she asleep too =P mama terharu but it's killing me when i have something else to do my dear...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Testing posting via email =)

I am just testing...heheee
Godek2 blog setting jumpe mende ni...
Kinda new to me...
Rase cam jakun lak...haha~!

How I wish my obsession to sew appear in me when I am 17 years-old...

Why does this special interest appear in me when I am 26? When I have a baby who need extra attention and care from me and when I have a rumahtangga to take care about? Huhuhuuu…. Hmmm…not nice to mengeluh kan…we cant turn back time no matter how much we regret about our past…so let’s move on…that what I have been trying to tell myself…not to regret on anything… well I hope so heheee…

Right now I am soooooo addicted to learn how to sew…really~!!! I surf and survey a lot of related articles and blogs about sewing & craft…I cant hardly wait to start my class…but before that, I have to plan how am I going to the class…the class will be held at Epal Tawau…located at the city that will take 2 hours drive…and where should my dear Ailaa be when I am in the class….pretty complicated situation right?…well, that’s why I wish this obsession appear in me when I am 17 :P

But, no matter how hard it will be,I hope I will get full support from my dear HubbY and my dear BabY AiLaa…I hope one day my dream to be sewing lady will come true…and that I can kembang kan my creativity in sewing so many itemssss :D amin….

p/s: HuBbY…I can wait no moReeeeee….heheheeeee….

Monday, December 14, 2009

I missed the golden chance…

Happy Belated BeSdaY to ME~! Huhuuu…dah 26-years-old and OLD!

I used to dream that my 20++ age will be the time when I have my own career in an international company…travelling around and visit new places…which is means I am maybe a Sales Exec or yada yada yada… but that was before I met my beloved hubby… =) things change a lot when I decided to get married…and the reality is I am now a stay-at-home mom =) love my life but I am actually still searching how and what can I do to make my dream come true…I mean, for my career path… heheee…

Not so long ago,when I was 8 months preggy I think… I went for PTD exam and surprisingly, I PASS the exam!!! :D I am so happy for that but so sad bcoz I received the ‘should-make-me-happy ‘letter too late it made me miss the important day. So, I miss PAC day and after calling here and there, I found out that I need to redo the exam again…means I have to reapply and go thru all over again…oh nooOOOooo…I MISS THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY….pity me…1000times…huhuhuuuu

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 2nd month-old my dear Myiesha

Without realizing how fast time flew, Myiesha now already 2 months-old. Alhamdulillah…mama & ayah managed to adapt to parenthood and Myiesha sihat walafiat…mama happy sgt…

Myiesha skang ni dh pandai senyum2 bila kite agah dia…dah pandai main sorang…dah pandai panggil mama kalo dia rase sunyi…heheee…jgn terkejut…bukan panggil as if she mention “mama” but she will make a sound like…”aaauuuu” or “aaaiiii aaaiiii” like that :P

Meanwhile, being mama to Myiesha, I tot after I have her, my life will be busy and I don’t have enough time to feel bored…but I am so wrong…I’m bored not becoz I don’t have anything to do but I am bored becoz I need something for my inner satisfaction. I think those who didn’t stay at home 24/7 or have a career in their life will not understand what I meant…I supposed to be thankful as I have a generous hubby who didn’t ask me to go to work but he just asked me to stay at home, take good care of him & our baby, cook and rest all day long…yeah thank you sayang…but I still want to do something…

Then, this is how my eagerness to learn how to sew appears in me…I wish I can be an expert in cooking and sewing one day…insyaAllah J

Myiesha sleeping soundly in her pinkish cradle =)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It has been so long since my last entry

Warmest welcome to our dearest baby, Ailaa Myiesha binti Erwan Musyit :) We have had joy, fun, pain and I think almost all feelings I can’t describe from the beginning of my pregnancy period until now :) and my life has been full of unexpected occasions since my wedding day! Heheheeee

Ailaa was born on the 4th day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, 24th September 2009 at 9.27am. I was admitted to hospital early morning of 23rd September 2009 after my ‘air ketuban’ broke at about 2am that morning… my hubby and I was so excited that we don’t sleep that whole morning and prepare ourselves to go to the hospital early morning. We had breakfast first – sempat lagi tu… :P  then we go to the hospital. Stay dalam wad for the whole day… but those nurses & the doc said the time hasn’t come yet. So we wait and wait until 7am of 24th September 2009 and that’s the time I was admitted to the labor room. It was the scariest moment in my life! But that’s okay... because it’s worth!

Now, Ailaa already one & a half-month-young…heheheee~ Alhamdulillah I managed to adapt to motherhood dengan bantuan beloved hubby & baby Ailaa yg bijak. She is a very understanding baby, she understand my situation so well. For example, dia pandai utk pusingkan kepala dia towards me to breastfeed her, pandai selesakan diri dia tak kire cemane pon I hold her. I am so lucky to have her :)

Besides Ailaa Myiesha, my new obsession now is sewing~! I’ve registered myself to join Epal – HandyCraft & Sewing Centre…there’s a package with sewing machine + classes for a year with 24 projects promotion. So I signed up. Lucky me hubby agree nak bayar RM2499 heheheeeeee… and also lucky me jugak they got installament plan for payment. Kalo tak, mane nak crk duit nk bayar sedepuk camtuh!

So, I think that’s all for now.Owh ya, one more thing, I finally managed to have my own blogshop! :D Check it out okay :)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

3 days out with hubby

last friday, hubby cuti...yahooooo! heheee... we went to S.K Lo Clinic for check-up, Jabatan Pendaftaran for pengesahan documents mama nak apply jadi cikgu and Pos Office to post the documents and renew our driving licenses... both of us dah mati lesen ok! hahahaaaa... nasib bole renew lagi :p

then, we went to Rattan shop to survey Baby's Cot...menariknyeeeeee!!! diperbuat drpd rotan...never saw that type of cot before...nak beliiiiiii...! tapi mcm biase, hubby asked me to wait!...erghhhh.... heheeeee...

mlm, went to Eastern Plaza Kuhara Point with PILs for shopping!!!! baby's items...!!! (nnt mama update k Myiesha things we bought for you) :)

saturday...we went to survey for my set bersalin...mmg la cikai giler bandar tawau tu... there's no choices available... set2 bersalin yg ada pon, ade yg tak lengkap, or brand yg tak penah dgr... or else, there's only Sendayu Tinggi completely available... last2 balik umah tanpa sebarang pembelian except hubby went for a membazir salon treatment - gunting/trim rambut for RM25! dkt salon yg mcm x worth it langsung nk byr that price...lain la kalo classy salon kan...

mlm, got dinner at King Park Hotel celebrating Uncle Norshah's resignation...sgt la penat berbuke puasa and lepaking... lenguh2 kaki ku ini...huhuhu... jumpe wife2 assts. and managers sume...and i got horrible story about delivery at Tawau Hospital!

sunday, went for shopping again with MIL pulak...heheheeee...went to Parkwell for baby's items and kitchen essentials... then balik umah buke puase and bertolak pulang ke Tingkayu...

ermm...bile la nk pindah keluar dr Sabah ni... i need a job for my inner satisfaction and i need city views for my happiness in everyday life...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Finally bought CDs~! yeah...

Dear my baby J

Today, we finally bought you CDs (cloth diapers) that I’ve been surveying since 6-7months ago…heheee… bought for you set of 5 pcs CDs this month and already booked another 3 pcs for next month payment J mama so excited nk CD-ing you…hopefully they will suits you well…when the CDs are here with us, mama will take the pics aight…

Bonus papa xdpt2 lagi…boring btol…we are so worried and now in our berjaga-jaga mode when we want to shop…eventho it’s quite late to jimat cermat and save aside some money to buy things for you, but that’s the only way we’ve got…tahun ni, mama & papa wont celebrating raya…there’s no baju raya and no preparation for raya at all…this year, raya will be all about waiting for you J

We got confused when people or specifically makcik2 who met mama said that you’ll be a baby boy…almost 90% said that you’re a boy by looking at mama’s belly…while docs said that you’re a girl…we’ll see nnt kan…but we already prepared a girl’s name for you…in case you’re really a boy, papa wants to find a name for you…he said nama yg mama carik jambu2…dia nk nama2 yg macho & masculine…yelah tu….hahaaaa if Eeman Muhaimin, jambu ke name tu? Well, nvm la kan…let papa find the name he likes for you if you’re a boy…mama ikut je tak kisah sgt as long as the name has a good meaning J

Ahad lepas, mama jumpe kwn mama…she said, name Myiesha pendek sgt…should letak lg tambahan bg sedap lg name Myiesha…do you agree my lil’ one? Kalau la mama bole tanye baby kan senang mama nk letak name ape yg baby suke! Haha! But papa said kalo name pjg2 lg susah…dah la name papa pon dah pjg kan… mama rase ok kot Myiesha binti Erwan Musyit…sedap kan? Maybe the pronunciation mcm biase je…but the meaning pon mmg mama suke sgt! My fren asked me to crk name yg ade makna pandai…I agreed gak dgn pendapat dia tu…nnt mama survey lg k…right now, mama tgh busy survey and list out brg ape lg nk beli…

Ok…we’ll continue later k dear…daa daa~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

rase yang tak best!

Dah lame tak update blog…hehee…ermm…arini kalo ikutkn due date ticker, ade lg lebih kurang 35 hari je baby dlm perut… ntah nape arini tetibe rase mcm down je sbb bace forum kan…utk expecting mom, mcm2 mak or in-law diaorg siapkan utk diaorg and the baby of cos…but not for me…I felt like we ( I meant myself and families) are not ready to welcome the baby – speaking of the preparation…tak mcm org2 lain dlm forum tu…mcm2 sume dh siap and well-prepared to welcome the baby…

Well, if psl happiness nk ade baby, mmg la me and hubby happy…tp bile tgk physical preparation, mcm tade ape2 yg akan berlaku…no preparation at all…ntah la xtau nk pk ape…I guess maybe it’s just my over-reacted feelings since bace org lain punye experience mcm best je kan…but, deep down inside mcm sedih la jugak sbb mcm x diendahkan pon…

Wateva it is, my dear baby, don’t worry k…mommy & daddy loves you so much~!and of cos our families loves u too! Dat’s for sure!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Observation

Hai kawan2 sume… J well, since I’m currently a staying-at-home-mom-to-be, I have a lot of time and I actually did surf a lot of babies stuff and information. Punyela excited nak dapat baby haha~! Isi masa lapang dgn info ok la kan…tade la mase terbuang begitu aje :D So, there’s several facts and info I would like to share will u all, especially kwn2 yg br dpt baby…or yg dah ade baby… or planning to have one later ;)

As far as we concern, besides baby clothing and accessories, the most essential things for babies are susu + diapers btol tak? Inilah bende nye yg will cost us a lot since these two things lah keperluan baby yg paling utama dan bende yg pakai habis! Mcm baju + accessories tu, boleh simpan lg utk anak2 lain kan… diapers dah sah2 la kebanyakkan drpd kite skang ni gune yg disposable and susu, of cos la baby minom abes! Daily essentials tu besides their sleep haha!

As for susu, skang ni mmg dah byk kempen breastfeed. I’m quite sure we have heard about it kan? I hope me too can exclusively breastfeed my baby for two years complete. Harap2 nye laaa… heheheee… been looking for several tips and learn from other moms experiences especially yg working mom and still dpt 100% breastfeed baby dia for complete two years…mmg salute! Byk btol benefits fully breastfeed ni… so here I attached gamba yg tunjukkan betapa bagusnye kalo kite breastfeed baby kite… dunia skang ni mmg dah moden, rase bertuah sgt…in case ade rezeki dpt keje lepas ade baby nnt, ade mcm2 cara utk working mom to still breastfeed their babies… I hope I get the opportunity to work and still be with my baby at the same time! Excited tgk accessories utk mama2 sume yg nk breastfeed 100% and still go to work! J

Ok…skang kite ckp psl diapers lak…wah ni lg byk info2 menarik! I found info on diapers ni yg rasenye sgt2 la nk share dgn kwn2… maybe some of us dah tau psl ni but nvm, let’s share for those yg lom tau lg…Nampaknye dunia moden skang ni mmg akan membuatkan kite rase bertuah! :D

Kenape kite nk gune disposable diapers? a person yg lom ade baby pon lg, still waiting until end of September J reason yg came across my mind would be, mestila sbb senang kan. A lot easier than yg traditional lampin tu… Bayangkan nk gune lampin yg kite refer as napkin kain empat segi tu…punye la susah…dah la kene tukar slalu…dgn kesan2 kuning lg nnt kt lampin tu…dgn baby bocor lagi kalo lmbt salin…so, of cos la kite akan amik pendekatan yg lebih baik, by using disposable diapers!

Tapi, lately ni kebanyakkan drpd kite mula aware of global warming, especially kat overseas, diaorg dah mula kempen selamatkan alam sekitar, akhirnye they come out dgn idea yg sgt bernas – utk disposable diapers ni, memandangkan penggunaan disposable diapers ni sebenarnye mendatangkan keburukan yg amat sgt kpd our environment. They invent diapers yg gabung ciri2 tradisional diapers dgn function disposable diapers…maka lahirlah cloth diapers… byk review on the net psl ni…most of them refer this new type of diapers as modern cloth diapers! There’s several types of cloth diapers…I’ll continue later on everything we need to know bout our baby’s diapers J well, I’m so obsessed with this now! :P

Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy Besday Dear Daddy *hugs*

Dear Dad!

I wanna wish you a very happy birthday J me hope your days will be filled of happiness and that you’re always in the pink of health. Sorry we couldn’t go back to Melaka to celebrate…xbes btol xdpt join mkn2 kat umbai…huhuhu….

Today, still rase dizzy lg smp ke lunch time…when hubby balik,br la ilang moody and dizziness tu…sabau aje laaa…arini masak simple je…panaskan gulai lemak cilia pi daging salai yg mak mertuaku bekalkan heheee….dgn hati payau grg bwg + kalian grg sos tiram… tapi arini tade selera laa…lately takde selera dah nk mkn nasi rase nk mkn roti jeeee…

Owh ya, last Saturday, we went to ate SUSHI…~! Yahoooooo!!! Since there’s no Sushi King in Tawau, we ate at an independent sushi restaurant here…the taste ermmm not bad but the price, still the same as Sushi King…I wish Sushi King was here! Huhu… Ate my feveret sushi – Ebikko :D and several others then I had Beef Ramen haha~! Sume ni penangan tgk movie The Ramen Girl…dah teringin nk test mkn ramen la pulok :P after all the main course, we ordered their ice cream for dessert…not bad and I don’t think that flavour available at other place… we planned to have our second visit later on December to celebrate our 1st anniversary – being married J kenyang giler makan smp senak2 hahahaaa…baby pon bukan main bergendang lagi kicking and boxing inside…maybe dia pon excited sbb dia tak penah rase lg sushi kan! Hahahaaaaa

Then,we go back to my in-laws’ place and mcm biase…catch up stories dah 2 minggu xjumpe :P

Esoknye, masak2 bersama mertua and later in the evening, before balik Kunak yg super bosan ni, we both gi survey brg2 baby yg available kat Tawau :D excitednyeeeeeee!! Byk brg cute2 sume! Heheeee….

Owh ya…ade a little frustration disini…my baby’s items I bought thru the net still x sampai2 lg…adakah pos Malaysia yg mengabaikan area ni or driver boss yg lambat amik…I’m not quite sure bout that…huh…sabau aje lah!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dizzy Day

Arini rase dizzy je...smalam xdpt tido...golek2 almost sejam setengah br dpt tido rasenye...
hmm...currently sibuk pk cemane nk menjana pendapatan kat umah...nak duit byk...nk beli byk brg2 baby yg comeyl...heheheeee....xsangke brg2 baby mahal2 hargenye...kalo yg good quality laa...yg biase2 pon ade tp hati tak berkenan la pulak...haha!

Surf pasal work from home tapi i got info yg sume psl MLM...xde ke keje jd translator ke...typist ke...haih mane ler nk crk keje ni dgn perut boyot ni :p nk keje dr umah, no enough infomation la pulak...nk bukak bisnes online nk cube2, modal lom cukup lg nih...bonus Bbee ni lom masuk la pulak...lambat btol la Sime ni...ishh...gerammmm...!!! xpelah, now busy kan diri dgn business plan and price comparison dgn brg2 yg dah ade di pasaran :)

Dizzy dizzy...ape nk masak arini ek? hmmm... Bbee nk chicken curry... maybe arini menu kite, chicken curry and bendi + payau(rusa) blackpepper...okla tu kot...jap lg nk mule masak...!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beli baby's clothes lagiiii...heheheeeee....

Dear mama’s sweetheart J

Today, mama paid all items that mama have reserved to buy for you on the internet.Now,tinggal nk tunggu brg2 nye sampai ke umah kite je…xsaba2 rasenye nk tunggu…bonus papa tak masuk lg la bosan btol Sime Darby ni lambatnye masukkan bonus papa…byk lg ni brg mama nk beli ni…heheheee…

Wanna see what mama bought you? Let’s share…mama tgh excited ni…nk beli lg tp masih searching yg mane sesuai dgn budget yg ade n taste papa&mama J sorry we cant follow ur taste yet since u’re still in my womb :P

Well,we bought you romper & baju lagi…! So cute I can’t resist nak beli gak! Lgpun, branded & got discount some more!

1) Carter’s Romper Set of 4 pcs with 3 different designs and assorted colours

RM32.00 (include postage fee)

2) Anakku 2 in 1 newborn set


3) Anakku 2 in 1 newborn to 3months set


4) Anakku Pyjamas Set newborn to 3 months


Hmm…now mama dah tak sabar2 nk tunggu brg2 ni sume smp umah…cepat2 laaa sampai mama nk prepare nk basuhkan siap2 then waiting for the time to come until u’re here with us in our house J

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lissa yang obsessi~! huahuahua

Erghhh…I can’t help myself but to yearn for more baby items!!! This time, I long for Fisher-Price: Portable Newborn to Toddler Rocker! So cuteeee and the seller have also listed the benefits of this rocker making me want this rocker more and more and more…let’s have a look at the facts I’m talking about!

Product Descriptions :- (pics taken from

It starts out as an infant seat or rocker with a low-profile frame, very appropriate for newborns. Then, as your child grows, you can easily convert it to an infant seat to add interactive toy play, then make it a toddler rocker. Flip out the kickstand to convert it from a rocker to a stationary seat. It folds easily and has a built-in handle, so it can go wherever you and baby do! Requires 1 "D" alkaline battery (not included). Includes 2 button-cell batteries for dog toy.

Maximum Weight: 40 lbs. (18 kg)

Developmental Guidelines: Use the upright position only when your child has developed enough upper body control to sit without leaning forward.

Benefits :-

Better for Mom...

Enjoy years of use from birth to 40 pounds!

Convenient space for feeding baby

So portable!

Machine-washable pad

Better for Baby...

Promotes comfort & security

Calming vibrations and gentle rocking motion help comfort and soothe baby.

Versatile seat angles add comfort for different age babies.

Stimulates senses

Baby-activated music and rattles offers auditory stimulation.

Bright colors and patterns stimulate baby's visual sense.

Adoiii…byknye brg yg I wish I could buy for my baby! Tgk baju2 baby kat online shopping ni pon dah rambang mata…ntah cemane la kalo masuk baby center mane2 ni…hahahaaa…sian my hubby have to layan my kerenah yg mengalahkan baby…mak nye yg lebih2…hahahaaaa stroller + carseat lom abes survey lg ni…dah sibuk dgn mende lain lak…brg2 essential lom tgk lg ni…dah sibuk dgn mende2 sampingan! Hahahaaaaa

One more thing that catch my interest is Simple Dimple : 2 in 1 Activity Playgym & Sleeping Mat with Pillow! Perghh menariknyeeeeeee!!! Mcm aku lak yg nk main tu nnt! Hahahaaaaa

Product Descriptions :-

  • Playgym can be converted into sleeping mat with pillow
  • Many interactive & activity toys such as hand puppet, soft rattle, rattle keys & mirror
  • A basic & must have toy for nay growing baby
  • Activity playgym will keep baby busy for hours
  • Excellent to stimulate baby's hand-eye coordination, sensory development, imagination, exploration, focus & problem solving skills
  • Enhance baby's brain development through fun & play
  • Non toxic & meet international safety requirements

Recommended Age : Birth & Up

Aduh baby…nampaknye mama baby lak yg excited lebih2 nih nk shopping nih…mcm2 mama wish mama could buy!!!kuang3x…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Letter to my dear baby

My Dear Baby,

So,this is my second letter for you J

Right now, at 5.42am after papa went to work, mama was getting online again still obsessed with baby items I want to buy for you. If only we have enough cash to get some leisure and buy anything we like! Oh mama wants to screammmmm!!!

Yesterday, we bought you 3 pieces of rompers and a pair of socks online. Want to see it? I’ll paste the pictures at the end of my letter aite…

Right now, I really2 wish we could buy this stroller and car seat for you. Well, if we don’t have to look at the price tag, mama & papa berkenan sgt dgn set yg ni…

Quinny Zapp & Maxi Cosi Cabrio Travel System

New / Baru

Ready Stock

Price : RM1550 include courier !!!

Retail Price : RM2057 (save RM507)

Tapi, mama & papa baru nak mula hidup berkeluarga…so, we don’t think we can afford to buy such things for our family. Sebab, yg mewah2 ni kehendak kan bukan keperluan… there’s a lot out there option lain utk memenuhi keperluan ada stroller and car seat so mama & papa have to go and look around for opportunity to have the best that still suit our taste & needs. Haaaaahhhh… nak yg cute nih jugak!!!! Mama lak yg xleh tahan diri mama ni daripade terburu nafsu nk beli yg ni jugak sbb sgt la comel nye stroller & car seat nih!!

Okay, besides stroller & car seat, mama pon tgh obsess pasal baby carrier. Mama jumpe forum ibu2 yg support suh baby wearing (sentiasa dukung baby dkt dgn parents) supaya baby will feel save and dekat dgn parents. So mama goes thru several websites and choices of baby wearing support accessories and mama jumpe lg baby carrier yg mama nak…! Haiiihhhh… byk btol brg mama nk beli for you but… I don’t know wat to say…huhuhu…

Ni la baby carrier yg mama nak tu… kalo la diikutkan nafsu, mmg byk lg brg dlm wishlist mama…heheheee…next post nnt mama akan letakkan brg2 yg dlm wishlist so that maybe later when our financial getting better, mama leh look back and tgk ape yg tak dpt dibeli and maybe leh beli later for your adik2… insyaAllah kalau family kite ni ade rezeki lebih & dpt berkembang lg…heheheee…mama ni byk sgt keinginan… pastu dah la tu, sume brg2 yg mama suke, biasenye mahal2…kui3x…

Okay, mama rase second letter ni smp sini dulu. Now dah kul 6.12am and mama dah mula lapa so mama nak gi wat bfast for myself and you sayang J but before mama end this letter, as mama has promised you early in this letter, mama gonna paste here those items yg mama & papa dah belikan utk Myiesha stakat ni…

1) Baby Bath Towel – Dryfirst Kids

Mydin Hypermart Ayer Keroh


2) Adidas Romper - Blue ( Actually we want to buy it yellow colour but only blue available ) Online Boutique


3) Trumpette (Tangerine Colour) Baby Socks Online Boutique


4) Carter’s Mama Sweet Heart Romper


5) Baby’s Own Romper x 2pcs

RM8.00 & RM10.00

Catch you later my dear sweet heart in my womb J takmo nakal2 eh sayang…

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cloth Diapers Obsession

For now, I am looking forward to buy cloth diapers as my first move. Oh I forgot, first thing I got for my baby was sets of bath towel at Mydin Melaka mase balik sane aritu sempena wedding kembo ku! Those towels are so cute I can’t help myself! Hahaaa… kat Mydin pon jadi laaaa… so, for the 2nd item, I am looking forward to….Cloth Diapers!!!

Been thinking about it and I think my decision is right since pakai disposable diapers pon ade byk kelemahannye… kalau travel maybe leceh sket la nk bawak cloth diapers ni kn tapi if baby ade kulit yg sensitip, cloth diapers masih ade cara nya utk travelling. Menarik!!! Byk benefits pakai cloth diapers(CD) ni… I learned about it on some websites yg byk membantu memberi info on this…

I surf so many blogs and websites menyebabkan sort of confused nak pilih CD yg mane! Heheee…

Been thinking of trying some brand first yg ade offer & affordable price J with needed quality I think! Based from my reading about this topic! Ade terpk gak mcm nak jadi reseller je… bole gak bantu kwn2 mane yg berminat nak same2 memeriahkan dunia CD ni kan… maklum la… save our budget, save the world and most important, our baby nye keselesaan… CD function exactly like disposable diapers dgn extra function, no rashes to our baby… <-mengikut pendapat pengguna yg dah gune… me myself lom gune pon lg…heheeeeee…. But after my baby used them later, I’m gonna review here from my own experience kan kan kan…

Nak CD!! Nak CD!! Nak CD!!!! Hmmm…nampaknye mama baby dah jadi mcm baby lak melaung2 nak CD! Hahaaa!! Ade byk sgt CD available in the market and byk sgt corak comeyl2...kaler cantik....huwaaaaaa....confused nak beli yg mane :p

lame2 dah tak peduli lg dah pasal diri sendiri...nk shopping for baby jeeee...hahahaaaa

I go thru baby disposable diapers prices available in the market…kalo for newborn, MamyPoko, heheee…RM25.90 for 28+2 pieces…hmmm…not bad tapi kalo for travel la kan… kalo dok umah, I still go for cloth diapers…! Sgt menarik…dgn design, colour & benefits2 nye…

I hope kwn2 yg jual CD ni tak marah I’m gonna paste this pic here in my blog…cam comel jek pic ni dgn info yg superb menariknye bagi mom-to-be J