Monday, December 28, 2009

buying Tudung Instant Ala Arianni in progress

Since dah ada baby ni, rasenye lebih mudah kalau pakai tudung instant...xyah nak pin sana sini...

So, me in progress membeli beberapa helai tudung for myself heheee...
Previously dah beli kat Puteh Boutique kaler Salmon & Light Grey... dah sampai n dah pakai pon... puas hati hehee...tapi me nak cube kt web lain lak... saje2 tuka2 kan...

Sementara sibuk membeli belah tudung nih, my blogshop pon tergendala lah... insyaAllah pasni akan sambung balik update brg2 utk dijual... trying my luck kan =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nursing Bra

Today, i would like to review about nursing bra =)
I have just bought several items for nursing purpose last month...bras and nursing essential...
I found that they're comfy and would like to share these products with all my friends and viewers =)

I bought : 

  1. Kelly Padded Nursing Maternity Bra
  2. Sarah Nursing Maternity Sleep Bra
  3. Tina Nursing Tank
  4. Eunice Nursing Maternity Bra
  5. Tummy Tube w Removable Shoulder Strap
All these items suits me well and so comfy to wear. I am so happy to buy these products since the quality match the price...and they're affordable =)
  • Kelly bra is a padded bra... quite thick if compared to other bras I've got myself
  • Sarah bra is so light cotton material...and make me easy to BF my baby,Ailaa at night...i love it!
  • Tina Tank...easy and comfy to wear at home...heheee....
  • Eunice bra....unbelievable to have the quality with only RM15.++ price...i am so amazed and cant hardly believe it...MUST TRY this!
  • Tummy Tube...cover my tummy while i'm BF with ordinary tops...turn ordinary tops into nursing tops automatically...JIMAT =D
All these i bought thru internet at
Go and visit this shop...i am sure you'll love it as much as i do =)

p/s: If you guys accidentally love this online shop and buy something from them, kindly refer me as your referral...(crdt to me a bit for my review,ok? =D ) ---enter or MARLISSA MARHE in the comment box when you place your orders...heheee....thanks guys =)

Epal Epal Epal

These are the courses that i am so excited about...

erghh...i can't wait no more...huhuhuuuuu...~

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby Changing Diapers Essential Needs

I am back again with more babbling hehee...maybe my current hobby now is that... free of charges - don't have to spend money to have this hobby muahahaa 

Today, i would like to recommend to all my viewers and friends  especially moms or mom-to-be =) to use what i use...or at least try these brands hehee...they suit me and Myiesha well ~ we love them! 

Based on my own experiences, i used baby wet wipes from three brands...don't have to mention here what are the brands la kan...not nice, the wipes i like the most is Anakku Wet Wipes simply because.....

  1. Anakku wet wipes are cloth like...really...some other brands did mention this too but the reality is they are not really cloth like...but Anakku....really cloth like and very soft
  2. Have refills packs that are so convenience 
  3. I am buying Anakku products from their boutique and i am one of the club member...member get points heheheee... 
For baby powder, i used Pureen Pure Cornstarch as i read before in one of mom's forums, it's not safe to use regular baby powder on baby's bum - it might cause cancer...i don't know either this is true or not but for me, better safe than being sorry later i use this one as recommend by that forum...

and the last product we use when changing diapers are..... minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau.... we just love it~! smells nice...and calming... heheheeeee 

Friday, December 18, 2009

My baby is driving me crazy

Dear my baby Myiesha,

Why are you driving me crazy these days? huhuhu.... agaknye ini one of phases yg mama kene lalui dlm journey utk membesarkan buah hati mama ni kot...

Lately,it is so hard for Myiesha to go to makes me wonder if Myiesha got anything that bother her but i dont think so... she demand to sleep with my nipple in her mouth... penah one time tu, almost two hours...adoi lenguh dibuatnyeee baring sambil mengadap Myiesha and xleh gerak2 lagi =P tapi xpelah mama sabar...sayang anak punye pasal =D cume sometimes because it taking most of my time...itu yg buat driving me crazy tu... xleh nk buat mende lain... dah la mama Myiesha ni xboleh nak tinggalkan Myiesha when she's mama should actually do all that mama want to do when Myiesha asleep but, Myiesha needs mama when she asleep too =P mama terharu but it's killing me when i have something else to do my dear...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Testing posting via email =)

I am just testing...heheee
Godek2 blog setting jumpe mende ni...
Kinda new to me...
Rase cam jakun lak...haha~!

How I wish my obsession to sew appear in me when I am 17 years-old...

Why does this special interest appear in me when I am 26? When I have a baby who need extra attention and care from me and when I have a rumahtangga to take care about? Huhuhuuu…. Hmmm…not nice to mengeluh kan…we cant turn back time no matter how much we regret about our past…so let’s move on…that what I have been trying to tell myself…not to regret on anything… well I hope so heheee…

Right now I am soooooo addicted to learn how to sew…really~!!! I surf and survey a lot of related articles and blogs about sewing & craft…I cant hardly wait to start my class…but before that, I have to plan how am I going to the class…the class will be held at Epal Tawau…located at the city that will take 2 hours drive…and where should my dear Ailaa be when I am in the class….pretty complicated situation right?…well, that’s why I wish this obsession appear in me when I am 17 :P

But, no matter how hard it will be,I hope I will get full support from my dear HubbY and my dear BabY AiLaa…I hope one day my dream to be sewing lady will come true…and that I can kembang kan my creativity in sewing so many itemssss :D amin….

p/s: HuBbY…I can wait no moReeeeee….heheheeeee….

Monday, December 14, 2009

I missed the golden chance…

Happy Belated BeSdaY to ME~! Huhuuu…dah 26-years-old and OLD!

I used to dream that my 20++ age will be the time when I have my own career in an international company…travelling around and visit new places…which is means I am maybe a Sales Exec or yada yada yada… but that was before I met my beloved hubby… =) things change a lot when I decided to get married…and the reality is I am now a stay-at-home mom =) love my life but I am actually still searching how and what can I do to make my dream come true…I mean, for my career path… heheee…

Not so long ago,when I was 8 months preggy I think… I went for PTD exam and surprisingly, I PASS the exam!!! :D I am so happy for that but so sad bcoz I received the ‘should-make-me-happy ‘letter too late it made me miss the important day. So, I miss PAC day and after calling here and there, I found out that I need to redo the exam again…means I have to reapply and go thru all over again…oh nooOOOooo…I MISS THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY….pity me…1000times…huhuhuuuu