Thursday, August 27, 2009

rase yang tak best!

Dah lame tak update blog…hehee…ermm…arini kalo ikutkn due date ticker, ade lg lebih kurang 35 hari je baby dlm perut… ntah nape arini tetibe rase mcm down je sbb bace forum kan…utk expecting mom, mcm2 mak or in-law diaorg siapkan utk diaorg and the baby of cos…but not for me…I felt like we ( I meant myself and families) are not ready to welcome the baby – speaking of the preparation…tak mcm org2 lain dlm forum tu…mcm2 sume dh siap and well-prepared to welcome the baby…

Well, if psl happiness nk ade baby, mmg la me and hubby happy…tp bile tgk physical preparation, mcm tade ape2 yg akan berlaku…no preparation at all…ntah la xtau nk pk ape…I guess maybe it’s just my over-reacted feelings since bace org lain punye experience mcm best je kan…but, deep down inside mcm sedih la jugak sbb mcm x diendahkan pon…

Wateva it is, my dear baby, don’t worry k…mommy & daddy loves you so much~!and of cos our families loves u too! Dat’s for sure!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Observation

Hai kawan2 sume… J well, since I’m currently a staying-at-home-mom-to-be, I have a lot of time and I actually did surf a lot of babies stuff and information. Punyela excited nak dapat baby haha~! Isi masa lapang dgn info ok la kan…tade la mase terbuang begitu aje :D So, there’s several facts and info I would like to share will u all, especially kwn2 yg br dpt baby…or yg dah ade baby… or planning to have one later ;)

As far as we concern, besides baby clothing and accessories, the most essential things for babies are susu + diapers btol tak? Inilah bende nye yg will cost us a lot since these two things lah keperluan baby yg paling utama dan bende yg pakai habis! Mcm baju + accessories tu, boleh simpan lg utk anak2 lain kan… diapers dah sah2 la kebanyakkan drpd kite skang ni gune yg disposable and susu, of cos la baby minom abes! Daily essentials tu besides their sleep haha!

As for susu, skang ni mmg dah byk kempen breastfeed. I’m quite sure we have heard about it kan? I hope me too can exclusively breastfeed my baby for two years complete. Harap2 nye laaa… heheheee… been looking for several tips and learn from other moms experiences especially yg working mom and still dpt 100% breastfeed baby dia for complete two years…mmg salute! Byk btol benefits fully breastfeed ni… so here I attached gamba yg tunjukkan betapa bagusnye kalo kite breastfeed baby kite… dunia skang ni mmg dah moden, rase bertuah sgt…in case ade rezeki dpt keje lepas ade baby nnt, ade mcm2 cara utk working mom to still breastfeed their babies… I hope I get the opportunity to work and still be with my baby at the same time! Excited tgk accessories utk mama2 sume yg nk breastfeed 100% and still go to work! J

Ok…skang kite ckp psl diapers lak…wah ni lg byk info2 menarik! I found info on diapers ni yg rasenye sgt2 la nk share dgn kwn2… maybe some of us dah tau psl ni but nvm, let’s share for those yg lom tau lg…Nampaknye dunia moden skang ni mmg akan membuatkan kite rase bertuah! :D

Kenape kite nk gune disposable diapers? a person yg lom ade baby pon lg, still waiting until end of September J reason yg came across my mind would be, mestila sbb senang kan. A lot easier than yg traditional lampin tu… Bayangkan nk gune lampin yg kite refer as napkin kain empat segi tu…punye la susah…dah la kene tukar slalu…dgn kesan2 kuning lg nnt kt lampin tu…dgn baby bocor lagi kalo lmbt salin…so, of cos la kite akan amik pendekatan yg lebih baik, by using disposable diapers!

Tapi, lately ni kebanyakkan drpd kite mula aware of global warming, especially kat overseas, diaorg dah mula kempen selamatkan alam sekitar, akhirnye they come out dgn idea yg sgt bernas – utk disposable diapers ni, memandangkan penggunaan disposable diapers ni sebenarnye mendatangkan keburukan yg amat sgt kpd our environment. They invent diapers yg gabung ciri2 tradisional diapers dgn function disposable diapers…maka lahirlah cloth diapers… byk review on the net psl ni…most of them refer this new type of diapers as modern cloth diapers! There’s several types of cloth diapers…I’ll continue later on everything we need to know bout our baby’s diapers J well, I’m so obsessed with this now! :P

Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy Besday Dear Daddy *hugs*

Dear Dad!

I wanna wish you a very happy birthday J me hope your days will be filled of happiness and that you’re always in the pink of health. Sorry we couldn’t go back to Melaka to celebrate…xbes btol xdpt join mkn2 kat umbai…huhuhu….

Today, still rase dizzy lg smp ke lunch time…when hubby balik,br la ilang moody and dizziness tu…sabau aje laaa…arini masak simple je…panaskan gulai lemak cilia pi daging salai yg mak mertuaku bekalkan heheee….dgn hati payau grg bwg + kalian grg sos tiram… tapi arini tade selera laa…lately takde selera dah nk mkn nasi rase nk mkn roti jeeee…

Owh ya, last Saturday, we went to ate SUSHI…~! Yahoooooo!!! Since there’s no Sushi King in Tawau, we ate at an independent sushi restaurant here…the taste ermmm not bad but the price, still the same as Sushi King…I wish Sushi King was here! Huhu… Ate my feveret sushi – Ebikko :D and several others then I had Beef Ramen haha~! Sume ni penangan tgk movie The Ramen Girl…dah teringin nk test mkn ramen la pulok :P after all the main course, we ordered their ice cream for dessert…not bad and I don’t think that flavour available at other place… we planned to have our second visit later on December to celebrate our 1st anniversary – being married J kenyang giler makan smp senak2 hahahaaa…baby pon bukan main bergendang lagi kicking and boxing inside…maybe dia pon excited sbb dia tak penah rase lg sushi kan! Hahahaaaaa

Then,we go back to my in-laws’ place and mcm biase…catch up stories dah 2 minggu xjumpe :P

Esoknye, masak2 bersama mertua and later in the evening, before balik Kunak yg super bosan ni, we both gi survey brg2 baby yg available kat Tawau :D excitednyeeeeeee!! Byk brg cute2 sume! Heheeee….

Owh ya…ade a little frustration disini…my baby’s items I bought thru the net still x sampai2 lg…adakah pos Malaysia yg mengabaikan area ni or driver boss yg lambat amik…I’m not quite sure bout that…huh…sabau aje lah!