Friday, December 31, 2010

Marlissa's wishes for 2011

1. Buy car seat for Myiesha and teach her to seat there so that mama can drive -- me really miss moments where I can drive here and there myself

2. Send Myiesha to Taska/Nursery/ChildCare -- so that she'll be able to mix around and get socialized -- and mama can have a 'me-time'

3. Get myself a job :D

4. Gather infomation and find out how and what should I do so that The Happy Mom Boutique become reality

5. Get myself sign-up for Epal Craft Center.. I really2 want to learn how to sew :D

6. Become a better person, doter, sister, wife, and mom..

7. Have a lovely and loving home

May Allah bless myself,all my beloved families members and muslims all over the world :)

Hopefully all the wishes will come true..amin..

Happy New Year peeps~
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anak Mama Kene Tinggal

Sian anak mama... hari ni for the very first time, mama tinggalkan anak mama for more than 5 hours and jauh pulak tu... 
Ailaa Myiesha tinggal kat umah and mama & ayah went to Tawau... 
sorry sgt2 anak mama sayang... bukan apa actually nak prepare dia utk campurkan susu ibu and susu formula and make sure she's comfortable dgn bottles.
sepanjang mama & ayah takde, our helper Erna said, Myiesha ok and very well behave... 
but went we came back, as soon as she saw us, she cried a lot and sounds tersangatlah sedih...huhuuu...sedih mama tgk anak mama nanges rindu mama :D heheee...~~ terharunye mama :D

btw, this is part of your learning process to slowly stop breastfeeding dear doter... :) believe it or not, mama pon tersangatlah rindu kt anak mama... spjg perjalanan ke Tawau and perjalanan balik asek la dok pk apa Myiesha tgh wat kat umah tu...

Her whole life... 1 year 1 month and 3 days... mama & Myiesha x prnah sekali pon berpisah... today, rekod itu dipecahkan... dgn harapan anak mama pandai minum susu botol supaya her daily nutritions mencukupi...

Ya Allah...permudahkanlah usaha kami ya Allah...amin...~~~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thank You Very Much Dearest Hubby =)

I am super happy today =) there's several reasons 

1) today is one of my dear best friends' birthday... "Happy Birthday Fairuz" semoga murah rezeki & berbahagia selalu... TQ sgt2 for being there for me always ;)

2) today reminds me of my very final paper for final sem back in 2007 ;) glad that day finally came heheee

3) today, we spend time together as one happy family went to Sime Darby Sabah Region Raya Open House Lunch @ Imam Estate

4) check-in to new hotel @Tawau, Shervinton Executive Boutique Hotel and the room is niceeeeee and have a beautiful decorations 

5) we and some friends and their families when to FunFair @ Sabindo Square... mama teman Myiesha naik train pusing2... mama pening and myiesha wat muke blur...huhuuuu....

6) having a superb dinner @ Farfalle, Tawau... nice western food here for Tawau-rians

7) last but not list, one thing from my wishlist, finally come trueeee... THANK YOU VERY MUCH HUBBY~KU :D

A bit recall from my previous wishlist post ;)  -  MyWishList

Added to my previous wishlist was Easiyo Yogurt Maker Set... and today, hubby made it came trueeeeee :D weeeeeeeeee... Alhamdulillah... Syukran Allah... TQVM muah muah hubby~ku :D

But since we're in Sabah, we didnt get the RM99.90 promotion... we have them here for RM118 without the free Easiyo jar but added one more yogurt sachet... anyhow, TQVM HUbby~ku sbb sudi bersusah payah nak carik kedai ni... 2 hari carik baru jumpe...huhuhu~~~

Tamat la sudah cerita utk hari yg penuh makna ini... =) akan sambung update lg whenever i got time... hopefully on Myiesha's One Year Old updates ;)

Now, nak update kedai japs... heheheee~~~kpd sesiapa kwn2 yg lom view kedai online ku itu, jemput lah sudi sudikan diri anda melawat - InspirasiLissa

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lately ni, dah jarang update my personal blog heheee…sibuk dgn my online-shoppe… alhamdulillah… bisnes makin berkembang but byk lg yg perlu dilakukan untuk make sure my small bisnes grows well… hrp2 murah rezeki…amin 

For now, me masih kelam kabut lg dalam meng’handle’ info and response kpd customers…hrp2 my beloved customers sume tak amik hati dgn my response yg quite slow n xdpt nk contact mereka personally to update their purchasing status… insyaAllah, akan diusahakan untuk improve dgn lebih baik dlm masa terdekat ;) TQVM to all my beloved customers and page’s fans =)

Rase mcm byknyeee bende nak update… alhamdulillah at least takde la kesangapan mcm dulu dok umah xtau nk buat apa…now, dah byk bende nak wat sampai sometimes, rase frust lak kalo Myiesha tak bagi chance mama dia dok dpn laptop! Hahaa and hrp2 internet connection baik mcm skang ni supaya me dpt online dgn lancar and contact customers sume =)

Okay,enough talking about my bisnes now… nak ckp psl MySweetLilGurl Ailaa Myiesha =) now, Myiesha dah pandai byk dah…suke sgt tgk dia and rasa mcm dah besar dah anak mama…

Myiesha’s progresses lately... (Until 8M)

1. dah pandai nak jalan… sebuk sgt nak jalan ke sana ke mari and kalau kite tak bwk dia, dia mengamuk…nasib baik hari tu nenek&atuk Myiesha dtg bwk walker utk Myiesha…kalau tak, teruk mama kene dera =P

2. sejak ade walker, Myiesha dah pandai buat mcm2 aksi dlm walker… sliding… langgar2 mama…sampai kaki mama luka…dan mcm2 lagi yg susah nk explain with words… =) latest, she sandar kt walker and slide herself sambil tgk tv

3. dah panjat memanjat sana sini…tgh belajar nak berdiri tanpa bantuan mama…sibuk panjat kerusi nk dtg dkt dgn laptop… jeles la tu mama dok dpn laptop =P

4. baring, duduk, meniarap, merangkak… sume nye tanpa bantuan… mama kene extra careful sbb takut Myiesha terantuk ke lantai atau jatuh katil =)

5. dah pandai tepuk tangan, lambai2, and ‘give me 5’ dgn mama & ayah =) Myiesha have special clap song composed by ayah… =)

6. Myiesha sgt suke tgk mama gosok gigi ;)

7. At 10M, Myiesha dah pandai 'flying kiss' heheee...

Easiyo Yogurt Maker ~~ for yogurts lover like me!

Previously, i wish for these...

1) Move out from Tingkayu - still waiting... huhuuu...
2) Epal Janome Sewing Machine - still waiting... huhuuu lg....
3) Job Hunting - waiting for #1 to progress
4) Steam Microwave / Oven / Mixer / Cooking essentials etc etc... - not yet!
5) MicroComputer RiceCooker - lost my interest in this product... so out from my list for now...
6) Osim Osim Osim - we bought Ogawa =) since Osim Outlet not here in Tawau...

Added to this wishlist

Easiyo Yogurt Maker ... i want~~!! :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

WishList for Myiesha's Toys =)

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Song & Story Chair

Sit right down in this inviting chair for storytime, or stand up and play with delightful activities! Up, down, and all around, baby will love all the learning Fisher-Price’s Laugh & Learn™ Song & Story Learning Chair. Tap the crayons for a colorful song and speech; switch the chair lamp on and off; flip the pages on the book. Baby can hear the story from beginning to end, or learn about different objects and characters on each page. With volume control for quiet song and story play. Chair requires 3 AA alkaline batteries.

3 ways to help baby play and learn!

Learning time

Introduces the alphabet, numbers, colors & shapes—plus the joy of stories!

Musical fun

Reinforces learning with songs & entertaining responses


The chair’s friendly characters, silly sounds & musical ditties encourage exploration & play

Assembled chair measures approx. 17" L x 12" W x 15" H.

Vtech Tiny Touch Phone


The Tiny Touch Phone light-up screen rotates to reveal 3 different modes of play

Press the 10 number buttons and 2 shape buttons on the keypad to learn numbers, colours and shapes

Play the finding game to put the learning into practice

Develops hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills

Requires 2 x AA batteries

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Pots & Pans

Here’s a delicious way to help baby learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors, while enjoying stacking and stirring fun! Stack the blue pan for a counting song and fun rolling beads; rock the yellow pot for the ABC song and fun phrases; stack the red pan to sing about colors and shapes! Three colorful shapes fit through openings in the shape-sorting lid!

Requires 3 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included).

Make learning more fun with the whole collection of Laugh & Learn™ toys. With rich music, sing-along songs, and lots of activities, they combine early academics and everyday experiences for the way kids really learn!

Teaches :-


Dear My SweetHeart Ailaa Myiesha =)
These are some of Mama's WishList for you to play with...
Harap2 Mama dapat laaa belikan at least one from these untuk anak kesayangan Mama yang notti nih...heheheeee...

Friends, if you have any pendapat nak kasi, please please bgtau me k... ok tak my choice ni... bukan ape...dah rambang mata ni...tgk mcm best nye mainan2 sume...muahaha...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Luahan rasa seorang Marlissa…

Alhamdulillah… syukur ke hadrat Ilahi atas semua nikmat dan rahmat yang dilimpahkan-Nya kepada kami sekeluarga… kehidupan sehari2 yang bahagia, suami yang penyayang, anak yang comel lagi pintar…heheee… menjadikan hari2 Marlissa sebagai seorang isteri dan ibu yang bahagia… Syukran Ya Allah

Namun, disebalik semua kebahagiaan ini, there’s something missing untuk seorang Marlissa… Harapan Umi & Ayah, malah self satisfaction untuk part career sentiasa agak membebankan diri… jauh di sudut hati, diri sentiasa tertanya2… bila agaknya part ni akan muncul… semoga Allah menunjukkan jalan-Nya buat hamba-Mu yang kerdil ini… aku sedar Ya Allah, Kau lah yang Maha Mengetahui… semoga doa hamba-Mu ini akan dimakbulkan juga suatu hari nanti…

Sebenarnye, kalau boleh Marlissa hanya mahu dua jenis career… menjadi Guru di sekolah rendah yang berdekatan dgn rumah ( jadi Marlissa akan dpt sentiasa cuba berusaha mengekalkan keharmonian kehidupan berkeluarga – anak akan dpt sentiasa dekat dengan Mama & Ayah ) atau sebarang pekerjaan dari rumah yang berpendapatan tetap… ( mcm penulis ke… translator ke…. atau apa-apa peluang lain yang me tak tahu ) disamping menjalankan bisnes online… jadi perhatian untuk suami dan anak2 akan sentiasa terjaga….

Semoga impian ini bakal menjadi kenyataan dan kebahagiaan sekarang akan tetap kekal hingga ke akhir hayat…

Semoga suatu hari nanti, Marlissa dpt jadi seorang anak yang dapat membahagiakan Umi & Ayah dan semoga kerisauan Umi & Ayah akan terubat suatu hari nanti… Ya Allah tolonglah hamba-Mu ini membahagiakan ibubapanya… Amin….YaRabbalAlamin…


This post has been drafted offline while I'm eager to get online at
Tawau but I'm so disappointed becoz the connection was worst than at
my home… maybe due to the weather I guess… (tunggang langgang my
grammar… heheeee…)

Excited nak check-in this week sbb nak upload gamba stok2
BabyClothings yang ada… but unfortunately line hampes lak… huhuuu…

Bukan setakat line hampeh, my feveret hotel dah fully booked…sabo aje lah…

Pendek kate, xbest langsung gi tawau minggu nih… herghhhh…. Bila la
internet kt Tingkayu Estate nak laju nih… *sigh*sigh*sigh*

Nak tido lom ngantuk lg nih…hmm…layan mp3 lah…dah lame tak layan mp3 heheee…

Td linny sms…dia dgr lagu dygta and teringat kt me…tq linny igt gak ko kt aku :D
Sayang my dygta collection dah abes ntah ke mane…

My mp3 play…Denting by Melly Goeslow… teringat balik zaman2 campus
life…yang hampessss…huhuuuu….rindu lah kwn2 sume 

Lepas tu, White Flag by Dido… pastu…hergh give-up lah nak tunggu line
laju… better gi tido dulu…herghhh….geram…!!

Nitey niteeeee~~~

11.06pm – hermmm…. normally I'll go to sleep at 4am if I get online at Tawau…
15th May 2010

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy mother’s day to Me, Umi, & Mak
and all mommies out there :)
My first year celebration as mommy… actually I still can’t believe it… never imagine myself being a mom… hehheeee…

I hope I can be and will be a good mom… perhaps the best mom in the world (at least from my kids and hubby’s point of view)

Kebetulan mother’s day hari ahad, we went to Tasik Impian… bawak Myiesha jenjalan…

My dear Baby Myiesha, mama loves you sooooo much… muah muah muuuuaaaahhhhhh!!!

To Umi & Mak, love you sooo muchhhhh!!!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Line internet yang hampes dan…nak jadi cikgu…nak jadi cikgu…

Keciwa…lately internet kt umah ni dah makin teruk… bile la nak dpt connection yang laju… owh telecommunications companies sume… bile la anda nak upgrade service utk kwsn luar bandar? Poor me for being trapped here…

Meanwhile, my obsession nak jadi cikgu makin membara dalam diriku ini… agak2nye bila la peluang tu bakal tiba… rase nak share my knowledge dgn kanak2 kt kwsn ni makin memuncak… sayang coz to me, I’m qualified nak jadi cikgu but my qualification tu tak di’maximise’kan

Kan bagus kalau ade collaboration between Sime Darby and Kementerian Pendidikan for Executives’ Wives yang ada qualification dpt apply direct to teach here in estates’ school… sampai camni skali aku leh terpikir nih… nak je rasanye tulis surat kpd atasan Sime Darby or Kementerian…

Okay…sessi luahan perasaan dah selamat… :P now, cooking review session… dah lame tak update… heheeee

On 16th April 2010, me try lagi wat chocolate cake using other recipe. But this cake was not my feveret lah… maybe becoz of the ingredients kot… kek ni jadi mcm kenyal gitu… me share recipe k… mane la tau kot2 ade kwn2 yg teringin nak cuba steam chocolate cake without eggs, oils, and butter =)

2 cawan Tepung Gandum
2 cawan Gula
1 cawan Susu Cair
3/4 cawan Serbuk koko
1 cawan Air Panas
1/4 sudu kecil Soda Bikarbonat
1/4 sudu kecil Baking Powder
Esen Vanilla
3 biji telur

1.Bancuh serbuk koko dengan air panas.
2.Kacau kesemua bahan sehingga sebati.
3.Kukus selama 1 jam.

Then, on the 26th of April 2010, Hubby made us a special menu… mama & Myiesha tunggu je… tinggal makan je… wah syiok betulll…. Ni kire menu anniversary lah… hahaaa… TQVM Lovely HubbY =)

Now, nk share cite labor day lak… hubby kene keje jugak sbb tutup account April… routine biasa hubby busy every early and month-end… me and Myiesha dah paham sgt dah… (Myiesha pon phm gak sbb time2 gitu biase nye ayah dia tak balik selalu mcm hari2 biasa)

Pagi2 hubby dah kuar dah gi opis… mama and Myiesha waiting patiently kt umah.. cewah… hubby balik je… both of us dah tunjuk happy face sambut ayah balik… nampak happy face Myiesha, hubby pon ajak gi mandi kt Mostyn(estate sebelah) Water Spring… nampak happy sgt Myiesha and Ayah dalam gamba nih… =)

Ni pulak, gamba Myiesha in the air… =D pada suatu petang di halaman rumah kami =)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mama Love You MyieSha

Update perkembangan Myiesha

On the 29th April 2010, Myiesha had her first official haircut… itupon rambut depan je sbb dah masuk mata dah… time ni rambut Myiesha dah tak stylo lg dah… dah lembut melepek ke dahi…

But, after haircut, rambut Myiesha back to her own original style…heheeee… mama love it!! Her haircut made Myiesha tampil lebih nerdy… hahaaa… hilang her notti face looks…


Okay… this last picture adalah gamba kejayaan mama snap gamba gigi Myiesha =)
Gigi yang tajam gigit mama sampai ada bekas kat jari…huhuuuu

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Experience Bathing My Baby Gurl

Tanpa disedari, sekejap je dah 7 bulan bergelar ibu... alhamdulillah...thank you Allah for all the happiness around me =)

Today,me nak share dgn kwn2 about how we bath Myiesha everyday... We bought this right before Myiesha was born... I am very grateful that we found this bather since it helps us a lot and i just can't imagine myself without this... Carter's Baby Bather...

Me love this so much... Myiesha boleh baring dgn selesa while we mandikan dia... Boleh pastikan sabun sume dah bersih dan syampu Myiesha dgn mudah... I even brought this along with us when we go anywhere... Bukan ape, me once tried mandikan Myiesha without this bather...tapi tersangatlah tak pandai memandangkah sabun licin & Myiesha plak tersangatlah aktif... risau je takut tergelincir...

For more details of this bather, visit --- Inspirasi Lissa

My dear baby gurl in her bather :)

Myiesha love this bather so much...Now, she can sit in her tub already but still, we use bather for the easeness to shampoo & apply her baby bath cream

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cream Pati Halia

Entry kali ni, me nak share my review about Krim Pati Halia pulak =) Maklum la sejak dah jadi Mama ni kan, krim ni mmg sgt penting for me especially lepas bersalin nih…hehe

Stakat ni me dah cuba pelbagai brand… but surprisingly the best for me is Kzanah Ginger Cream, bought from Cosway... after applying this cream, ade rasa panas yang selesa dan yang paling best, from time to time the heat tu akan terasa mcm baru lepas apply that cream…usually apply lepas mandi pagi (yang tak berapa pagi dah…heheee) akan terasa heat nye sampai ke ptg…

The second one for me is Indah Syifa… panas nye best & bau pon sgt harum =) my mom & sis choice too…heheeee…Lotion ni best sgt =D my sis gune just becoz of this cream wangi... and ade one time tu, she sakit perut n sapu krim ni...from time to time...then she realized yg her stomach mcm 'lebih kempis drpd biase' hahaaa... 

The third one is Dunia Herbs Krim Pati Halia yang tube hijau tu…kalau tak silap, Krim Pati Halia + Limau Nipis. One of my faveret gak…heheee… Bau best and tak berminyak....

Inilah antara yang jadi my choice =D Ranking ni bukan based on the most faveret sbb Marlissa Marhe ni adalah seorang insan yang tak boleh bertahan pakai satu produk je…mesti nak tukar2…heheee…so benefit nye, me found these facts and able to share with all my viewers and friends

If you’re one of krim pati halia users, try all these three…highly recommended by Marlissa Marhe =)

Kzanah Pati Halia tu boleh beli kat Cosway... kalau nak me belikan n pos pon boleh...tapi lambat sket laa...maklum la dok dalam estate ni kan...sekali sekala je kluar...

Kalau Indah Syifa, pon me boleh tlg belikan... but this cream pre-order,so lmbt gak nak dpt after order...but worth trying...mmg tak rugi... 

Yang Dunia Herbs tu...mane2 pon ade jual kan... ;)

Myiesha'S walker =D

Vtech: First Step Baby Walker ---- Myiesha'S walker

InsyaAllah in 2 weeks time, this walker will be delivered to our home 
Excitednye mamaaaaaa =D heheee... anak mama yg nak main, mama yg excited...

Mama bace kt sane, walker ni bagus utk baby's development... ni mama paste the details...nak share dgn mommies2 kt luar sane... =)

Product Descriptions :-

Sturdy design to support and nurture your baby's first steps. Features a detachable learning center packed with activities. Shapes and light-up musical keys introduce letters, words, numbers, animals, colors, sung songs and melodies. Moving butterfly, discs and rollers develop manipulative skills plus a rattling role-play phone. Textured wheels, easy grip handle and durable design ensure baby gets ample support for taking those first steps. Assembles very easily and can be stored away in small spaces!

Developmental Benefits :-

Discovery and Exploration
Design & activities encourage exploration & discovery

Language Development & Phonics
Introduces letters, words, numbers, shapes & animals

Motor Skills
Strengthens gross motor skills necessary for early steps

Awards :-

National Association of Toy & Leisure Libraries - Silver Award Winner 2005
Prima Baby - Best Buy Award Winner 2005

Recommended Age : 6 months to 30 months

Selain tu, we're also waiting for... 

Fisher-Price: Brilliant Basics: Baby's First Blocks...

x sabar2 nak tgk cemane expression muke Myiesha bile main ni....
This blocks ada benefits of...

Product Descriptions :-

Ten bright blocks are ready for baby to drop into the open bucket or through the shape-sorting lid. Filling the bucket with blocks, dumping them out, and starting over is great for eye-hand coordination and other early skills. Then baby can move on to sorting and stacking, learning about identifying and matching shapes while having fun!

Developmental Benefits for Baby

Helps baby learn through everyday experiences

Helps baby learn to identify & sort shapes & colors.
Enhances problem-solving skills with put & take play, stacking & sorting.

Motivating Imagination

Encourages creative thinking as baby discovers new ways to play with blocks.

Bright colors & interesting shapes intrigue baby.

Encourages Developing Motor Skills

Placing blocks in bucket strengthens eye-hand coordination.

Grasping & sorting blocks develops finger & hand dexterity.
Recommended Age : 6 months & above

Dear Baby Myiesha, 
Mama hope you'll like it ;)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Myiesha's Teeth

2day Mama happy sgt...

For the last few days or almost a week ago, mama & ayah tgk gusi
Myiesha dah bengkak...

2day, bile Myiesha tarik jari mama masuk mulut dia dan mula menggigit,
dah dpt rase dah gigi diaaaa.... yippieeee...~~!!

Alhamdulillah...gigi cpt tumbuh...pasni boleh cpt2 mula speaking then
walking...then mama pon boleh la mula keje... heheee....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happily Busy Me

Lately, me kinda having lots of fun and activity =) Early April, my beloved parents & grandparents visit us and we had joys and gained some new experiences. Since there were 6 of us, we can’t fit in a car to move around. So, hubby rent a van for us. For the first time, Myiesha naik van yang don’t have air-cond and yang kelakarnye, bile sampai je ke destinasi, baby AiLaa sweating sampai baju lencun... sian baby mama...heheee...

Myiesha sayang sgt kt atuk, nenek & moyang dia...suke dia main sampaikan bila kiteorg anta my parents & grandparents nak balik ke airport, Myiesha still pandang ke arah tmpt duduk yg my parents & grandparents duduk kt belakang van. Sian dia mcm tercari2 mane atuk,nenek & moyang dia... takpe k sayang mama & ayah, raya nanti kite balik jumpe semua org2 yg kita sayang... <3

Lepas my parents & grandparents balik, our basic family of 3 ni, sunyi la balik... utk mengubat kesunyian & sekaligus menghabiskan stok ikan kembung yang byk ayah belikan kt umah ni, tercetus la idea nak buat Laksam... and me pon start la carik recipe... jumpe recipe from Cari Forum and alhamdulillah Laksam menjadi on my first trial at 8 April 2010--- TQVM Members @ Cari =)

Then, on 9th April 2010 pulak... my friends from SCM visit us =) they stayed at our home for one night before they went to Semporna & Mabul to snorkelling... TQVM Cummy, Heng & Am for visiting us and cheer up our day...

Rase sunyi lagi after so many activities or should I say not my routine activity with family & friends visits membuatkan me bersemangat lagi nak masak... heheeheee... since it’s Sunday and hubby have to stand by kat estate, we dok umah je... bosan punye pasal, carik recipe ape nak masak yang sesuai dgn brg2 yg ade kt umah... maka, Nasi Tomato & Ayam Masak Merah menjadi pilihan =) Nasi Tomato by Me and Ayam Masak Merah by my beloved Hubby =) Sedap dan Nyummmyy!!!

So, me nak share those recipes here with my friends & viewers sume... jom la masak recipe ni...recommended by Me ;)

The Recipes


Bahan-bahan membuat laksam:

2 cawan tepung beras
4 cawan air
? sudu kecil air kapur
2  sudu kecil tepung ubi
secubit garam

Cara menyediakan:

Bancuh semua bahan-bahan hingga rata. Biarkan selama 10 minit.
Sapu minyak dalam tudung periuk dan panaskan pengukus, letakkan tudung periuk dalam pengukus.
Tuangkan satu senduk adunan ratakan nipis-nipis. Kukus hingga masak ( adunan akan terangkat menggelembung bila masak)
Angkat dan gulung kemas-kemas (spt gambar di atas). Buat begini hingga selesai semuanya.
Potong laksam bulat-bulat dan taburkan bahan ulam serta tuangkan kuah scukupnya.
Letakkan sedikit sambal belacan (cili ditumbuk dgn belacan dan sedikit garam)
Sedia dihidangkan.

Bahan untuk kuah:

4 ekor ikan kembung/selayang
1 sudu besar lada hitam
5 ulas bawang merah
1 biji kepala parut } diambil santannya
2 keping asam gelugur
1.5 cm halia
sedikit garam

Cara membuat kuah:

Ikan kembung dibersihkan kemudian direbus hingga masak.
Toskan kemudian ambil isi ikan ditumbuk hingga lumat.
Tumbuk bawang merah, lada hitam dan halia hingga lumat.
Masukkan semua bahan tumbuk serta santan dalam periuk, masukkan asam gelugur dan garam secukup rasa.
Jerang di atas api hingga mendidih dan sebati.

Bahan untuk ulam: ( Yang ni me tak wat pon...heheeee...)

Daun kesum } dimayang halus
Kacang panjang } dimayang
Timun } dimayang
Daun selasih/kemangi } dimayang
Taugeh } buang ekor

NASI TOMATO (taken from ) TQVM =)

Bahan-bahan ( 4 orang ) - me wat half je coz 2 org je nak makan...

2 cawan beras basmati
2 biji tomato-potong dadu
2 cawan air
1/2 cawan susu - me used susu segar
3 sudu besar sos tomato
1 helai daun pandan
sedikit garam

## Bahan tumis ##
2 sudu mentega/ minyak sapi
2cm kulit kayu manis
1 kuntum bunga lawang
1 biji buah pelaga
2 ulas bawang putih-hiris
1/4 bawang besar dihiris

## Hiasan ##
Bawang goreng

Cuci beras. Rendam selama 5-10 minit. Toskan
Panaskan mentega/ minyak sapi. Tumiskan bahan-bahan tumis sehingga naik bau
Masukkan beras. Kacau sekejap dalam 1-2 minit. Kemudian masukkan sos tomato, tomato, susu, air, daun pandan dan sedikit garam
Masaklah nasi macam biasa.
Bila dah siap bolehlah ditabur bawang goreng


Bahan-bahan :

Cili Boh
Sos Cili
Sos Tiram
Bawang besar
Cili besar dihiris
Ayam – digoreng

Note: Sorry the amount yang nak letak tu hubby agak2 je...

Langkah :

Tumis cili boh sampai naik bau then masukkan sos cili dan sos tiram secukup rasa. Masukkan bwg besar dan ayam... last skali masukkan hirisan cili besar,ayam dan garam sesedap rasa =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chefel Flip n Cook Pan Product Review

 As promised, I’m going to review my fav. pan =) I’ve fallen in love with this pan when I first saw the demo vcd about how this pan cooks… msg me if you want to view the video

For me, I’m amazed by this pan. It cooks meat deliciously and I can do almost anything with this pan… I grill, fry and the part that I love the most is, I cook easily…

I’ve always love daging bakar =D & with this pan, I can cook daging bakar dgn begitu sedap sekali – ayam bakar pon sodap… goreng ikan dgn minyak yg sgt minimum… goreng sayur tayah letak minyak pon…sangat sesuai bg diriku yg sedang dalam proses lose weight ini…heheeee…

Bayangkan la sampai kan akak maid kat umah me ni pon order satu utk her house…senang nak bakar ayam kata dia… tapi kalau nak bakar ikan, hubby tak ske pakai pan nih sbb tade bau hangus2 gitu… so ikan je me still bakar manually…

Pendek kate, bagi mereka2  yg nak berdiet atau nak mengurangkan minyak & mengamalkan pemakanan yang sehat, kuali ni mmg besttt----!!!

Kalau nak me tlg belikan pon boleh ---- InspirasiLissa

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My WiShLiSt + My KeluHan

Alhamdulillah... at least some of my wishes from my previous post regarding my wishlist have been fulfilled =)

1) Chefel Flip n Cook Pan ~ dah dpt... TQVM hubby =) i love this pan so much...will review about this pan later aight

2) Mula BabyClothingBiz pon alhamdulillah dah bermula dan dah ade customers...TQVM my dear customers & i hope they'll be my return customers in future & semoga biz bertambah maju... amin...~~~

3) Mula belajar memasak macam2 pon dah ade progress... hrp2 dapat tmbh skills =)

Wish yg lom ada progress... *sigh*

1) Dapat keluar dr Tingkayu...mengeluh sejuta kali

2) Nak belajar kraf kt Epal & Sewing Machine Janome....owh idamanku...~~

3) Job hunting... ini hubby request tunggu MyieSha dah pandai ckp + jalan... so hold dulu...

4) Oven + Mixer + Cooking Essentials etc etc etc

Wish yang bertambah pula...heheheeee

1) MicroComputer RiceCooker.........

2) Osim Osim Osim

owh ya...keluhan utk harini...~~

ada ke patut pejabat pos kunak kehabisan slip poslaju menyebabkan there's no services for poslaju for today... adoiyai...dah la nk kluar ke kunak jauh... poslaju lak xde service... dugaan btol biznes ku ini...~~ hrp2 customers ku tak marah... amin...~~~ dan semoga hubby cpt2 la kene transfer nyah dari Tingkayu nih... langsung tak menyeronokkan... sigh million times more than before~~~

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Promo nursing bra~~

Me jadi affiliate utk e-shoppe ni... heheeee... promo promo... jom klik & shopping

Berseronok online di Tawau... @ Heritage Hotel =D


Later la me update ape2 bebelan coz now nak shopping & update my blogshoppe =)


my updates ~ i'm happy i found new shop for nursing wear... hate the old one... x mesra customer... wanna know more about the new shops or the old one, msg me =) bukan ape xmau bagitau kat sini, tak mahu la menutup periuk nasi org atau memburukkan sesiapa... but for me, i won't buy at that shop again... no customer service & kerek... menyampah~~!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


My Second Baking Trial = GAGAL

Punca : Me pandai2 buat setengah adunan & kurangkan telor... heheheeee...
Hasil : Loyang yg terlalu besar pon membuatkan kek menipis mcm pie =P
Note to self : Jgn la cepat putus asa...cuba lagi.... =P

Kek ini hanya sedap dimakan ketika panas sahaja... hasilnye, ade lg 3/4 dlm fridge...kui3x

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Basic Family Potrait =)

Tonite, dah selamat lah semua majlis 3 in 1 ~ doa selamat utk tingkayu estate, sambutan maulidur rasul, & aqiqah my dearest girl, Ailaa Myiesha bt Erwan Musyit J

Myiesha ngantuk yg amat sgt td sampai mengamuk2 dkt masjid… terpaksalah kami anak beranak balik awal… then ayah Myiesha je gi balik ke masjid memeriahkan masjid… mama & Myiesha tinggal kt umh & Myiesha tido dgn nyenyaknye… mmg dia penat sgt lah tuh… hari ni spjg hari dia tahan mata sbb excited ade ‘Puan Ayu & Nenek Aji’ dtg umah sama2 nak siapkan pulut kuning utk bwk gi masjid… akibat sikap tahan mata, maka belum pon sempat majlis selesai, Myiesha dah marah2 nak tido…ekekekeee… baby mama ni, penat mama make-up tau :P kejap je dpt menghadiri majlis…

Seronok hari ni dpt do something other than my routine…  comel tak gubahan pulut kami nih… heheheee… inilah hasil kerjasama Lisa+Ayu+Makcik  dan tak lupe juga credit to my beloved hubby for the gubahan bunga telor tuh… J cantik tak? :D

Hari ni kiteorg amek gambo formal family bertiga for the first time…sayangnye, Myiesha tak memberikan kerjasama pandang camera… huhuhuuuu

Reminder utk mama MyieSha

Next cooking/baking trial ~ hubby’s request, Cheese Cake J itupon kalau jumpe resipi cheese cake yg boleh dikukus…ekekekeee…

But. today,me not gonna talk about cooking/baking…heheeee… arini mama MyieSha nak tulis surat untuk MyieSha lagi… bukan ape, risau lupe lak lame2 nnt tarikh2 penting utk MyieSha…

MyieSha cukur jambul pade 17th January 2010 dekat umah atuk mama… Kg Sri Indah A, Sg. Buloh, Selangor… hampir semua persiapan atuk & nenek mama a.k.a moyang MyieSha yang siapkan… and the entire ceremony was sponsored by umi & ayah mama @ atuk & nenek MyieSha J TQVM umi & ayah *hugs&kisses*

time ni mama & ayah dah hampir pokai kerana giat bershopping sekali sekala balik semenanjung ekekekeee…

Gambar utk majlis cukur jambul entah kt mane sbb time ni mama & ayah sibuk nak amik video je… video nye ade disimpan dgn selamat dlm collection Atuk Harith’s…

Hari ni, Khamis 11th March 2010, mama & ayah akan wat majlis aqiqah MyieSha lak di Tingkayu Estate… our home for now… tapi majlis tak wat kat umah kite pon… makan2 kt masjid sekaligus dgn sambutan maulud nabi s.a.w

Gambar majlis next post mama upload oriteeee… 

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Catch Eye ~ You Play We Pay

Jom join ni...

Mane la tau dpt income tak disangka2...

Hanya mencuba itu pon sbb tayah modal =)

Klik sini ~ CatchEye 

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Baking Part One

Alhamdulillah...percubaan pertama menjadi... =)
I like it...
Kawan2 jom la cuba...

ni resipi amik kt kalau tak silap... (dah byk sgt recipe di 'copy' sampai confuse)
itulah akibat obses nak 'baking' =P



2 cwn tepong gandum 

1 cwn koko

2 cwn gula

2 s/t soda bikarbonat

1 s/t baking powder


1 1/2 cwn air sejuk (dari peti ais)

2 s/t nescafe (dilarutkan dlm sedikit air panas)

1 s/t esen vanila


1 cwn butter cair (250gm butter dicairkan)

2 biji telor (slighly beaten)

1 cwn susu cair


1. Adunan A di ayak 3 kali. 

2. Campurkan adunan B & C. 

3. Masukkan bhn basah kedlm adunan bahan A. Sebatikan adunan. 

4. Masukkan adunan tepung sedikit2 dlm bhn basah sambil kacau. (FYI-adunan kek ini cair dan agak berbintil jika tdk disebatikan dengan betol) 

5. Tuangkan sebatian adunan kedalam bekas cupcake 3/4 bekas. 

6. Kukus selama lebih kurang 15min @ sampai cucuk lidi tak melekat lagi.