Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy BeSdaY aZruLs0dRi + azam baru 2010

As stated by my entry title, Happy Besday to my dear friend @ bRo,
azrulsodri yang ke 27 heheee...jgn jeles i'm still 26 and 1 month old
muahahaa =P

I'm now in 'SEMENANJUNG MODE' with a few wishes for my 2010

1) Harap2 dpt pindah keluar dr Tingkayu - ke Tawau pon jadi lah so
that i can proceed with my Epal classes and start seriously job

2) Kalau nasib belom baik lagi untuk 2010, and me still fulltime
housewife lagi... i hope i can add up my skills and talent in
cooking... so HuBbY... please buy me an oven and cooking essentials =)

3) Rase2 mcm nak mula babyclothing biz... insyaAllah kalau HuBbY
sokong and line internet kt sini terus menerus ok... akan dilancarkan
my babyclothingcollection from suppliers... kalau dah pandai jahit,
leh wat sendiri kan homemade clothings... insyaAllah.... hrp2 ade
rezeki Marlissa...amin....

4) Jadi ibu yang baik untuk my princess AiLaa MyieSha =) and my
beLoved HuBbY, Erwan MuSyit... amin.... (ini bukan utk 2010
je..heheheee for the rest of my life, insyaAllah)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Going back to Semenanjung =D

Yeay...! We're going back to Melaka + Sg. Buloh!! Can't hardly wait no more!
There're so many things to do and so many places to go =D

The update for what's in my mind right now...

Besides going back to Semenanjung, I think I want to give myself a try
to sell baby clothes or tudung instant... The idea started when i
found places where i can buy in bulk so i can get these things
cheaper. So, i can get the opportunity to buy these things for Myiesha
and me at cheaper prices, and share them with my friends or viewer. Ok
tak? If hubby agree, and i have enough confident, i think i'll start
this business. Hope so jadi laa...and the business berkembang maju,