Friday, December 31, 2010

Marlissa's wishes for 2011

1. Buy car seat for Myiesha and teach her to seat there so that mama can drive -- me really miss moments where I can drive here and there myself

2. Send Myiesha to Taska/Nursery/ChildCare -- so that she'll be able to mix around and get socialized -- and mama can have a 'me-time'

3. Get myself a job :D

4. Gather infomation and find out how and what should I do so that The Happy Mom Boutique become reality

5. Get myself sign-up for Epal Craft Center.. I really2 want to learn how to sew :D

6. Become a better person, doter, sister, wife, and mom..

7. Have a lovely and loving home

May Allah bless myself,all my beloved families members and muslims all over the world :)

Hopefully all the wishes will come true..amin..

Happy New Year peeps~
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