Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 2nd month-old my dear Myiesha

Without realizing how fast time flew, Myiesha now already 2 months-old. Alhamdulillah…mama & ayah managed to adapt to parenthood and Myiesha sihat walafiat…mama happy sgt…

Myiesha skang ni dh pandai senyum2 bila kite agah dia…dah pandai main sorang…dah pandai panggil mama kalo dia rase sunyi…heheee…jgn terkejut…bukan panggil as if she mention “mama” but she will make a sound like…”aaauuuu” or “aaaiiii aaaiiii” like that :P

Meanwhile, being mama to Myiesha, I tot after I have her, my life will be busy and I don’t have enough time to feel bored…but I am so wrong…I’m bored not becoz I don’t have anything to do but I am bored becoz I need something for my inner satisfaction. I think those who didn’t stay at home 24/7 or have a career in their life will not understand what I meant…I supposed to be thankful as I have a generous hubby who didn’t ask me to go to work but he just asked me to stay at home, take good care of him & our baby, cook and rest all day long…yeah thank you sayang…but I still want to do something…

Then, this is how my eagerness to learn how to sew appears in me…I wish I can be an expert in cooking and sewing one day…insyaAllah J

Myiesha sleeping soundly in her pinkish cradle =)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It has been so long since my last entry

Warmest welcome to our dearest baby, Ailaa Myiesha binti Erwan Musyit :) We have had joy, fun, pain and I think almost all feelings I can’t describe from the beginning of my pregnancy period until now :) and my life has been full of unexpected occasions since my wedding day! Heheheeee

Ailaa was born on the 4th day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, 24th September 2009 at 9.27am. I was admitted to hospital early morning of 23rd September 2009 after my ‘air ketuban’ broke at about 2am that morning… my hubby and I was so excited that we don’t sleep that whole morning and prepare ourselves to go to the hospital early morning. We had breakfast first – sempat lagi tu… :P  then we go to the hospital. Stay dalam wad for the whole day… but those nurses & the doc said the time hasn’t come yet. So we wait and wait until 7am of 24th September 2009 and that’s the time I was admitted to the labor room. It was the scariest moment in my life! But that’s okay... because it’s worth!

Now, Ailaa already one & a half-month-young…heheheee~ Alhamdulillah I managed to adapt to motherhood dengan bantuan beloved hubby & baby Ailaa yg bijak. She is a very understanding baby, she understand my situation so well. For example, dia pandai utk pusingkan kepala dia towards me to breastfeed her, pandai selesakan diri dia tak kire cemane pon I hold her. I am so lucky to have her :)

Besides Ailaa Myiesha, my new obsession now is sewing~! I’ve registered myself to join Epal – HandyCraft & Sewing Centre…there’s a package with sewing machine + classes for a year with 24 projects promotion. So I signed up. Lucky me hubby agree nak bayar RM2499 heheheeeeee… and also lucky me jugak they got installament plan for payment. Kalo tak, mane nak crk duit nk bayar sedepuk camtuh!

So, I think that’s all for now.Owh ya, one more thing, I finally managed to have my own blogshop! :D Check it out okay :)  http://inspirasilissa.blogspot.com