Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dizzy Day

Arini rase dizzy je...smalam xdpt tido...golek2 almost sejam setengah br dpt tido rasenye...
hmm...currently sibuk pk cemane nk menjana pendapatan kat umah...nak duit byk...nk beli byk brg2 baby yg comeyl...heheheeee....xsangke brg2 baby mahal2 hargenye...kalo yg good quality laa...yg biase2 pon ade tp hati tak berkenan la pulak...haha!

Surf pasal work from home tapi i got info yg sume psl MLM...xde ke keje jd translator ke...typist ke...haih mane ler nk crk keje ni dgn perut boyot ni :p nk keje dr umah, no enough infomation la pulak...nk bukak bisnes online nk cube2, modal lom cukup lg nih...bonus Bbee ni lom masuk la pulak...lambat btol la Sime ni...ishh...gerammmm...!!! xpelah, now busy kan diri dgn business plan and price comparison dgn brg2 yg dah ade di pasaran :)

Dizzy dizzy...ape nk masak arini ek? hmmm... Bbee nk chicken curry... maybe arini menu kite, chicken curry and bendi + payau(rusa) blackpepper...okla tu kot...jap lg nk mule masak...!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beli baby's clothes lagiiii...heheheeeee....

Dear mama’s sweetheart J

Today, mama paid all items that mama have reserved to buy for you on the internet.Now,tinggal nk tunggu brg2 nye sampai ke umah kite je…xsaba2 rasenye nk tunggu…bonus papa tak masuk lg la bosan btol Sime Darby ni lambatnye masukkan bonus papa…byk lg ni brg mama nk beli ni…heheheee…

Wanna see what mama bought you? Let’s share…mama tgh excited ni…nk beli lg tp masih searching yg mane sesuai dgn budget yg ade n taste papa&mama J sorry we cant follow ur taste yet since u’re still in my womb :P

Well,we bought you romper & baju lagi…! So cute I can’t resist nak beli gak! Lgpun, branded & got discount some more!

1) Carter’s Romper Set of 4 pcs with 3 different designs and assorted colours

RM32.00 (include postage fee)

2) Anakku 2 in 1 newborn set


3) Anakku 2 in 1 newborn to 3months set


4) Anakku Pyjamas Set newborn to 3 months


Hmm…now mama dah tak sabar2 nk tunggu brg2 ni sume smp umah…cepat2 laaa sampai mama nk prepare nk basuhkan siap2 then waiting for the time to come until u’re here with us in our house J

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lissa yang obsessi~! huahuahua

Erghhh…I can’t help myself but to yearn for more baby items!!! This time, I long for Fisher-Price: Portable Newborn to Toddler Rocker! So cuteeee and the seller have also listed the benefits of this rocker making me want this rocker more and more and more…let’s have a look at the facts I’m talking about!

Product Descriptions :- (pics taken from

It starts out as an infant seat or rocker with a low-profile frame, very appropriate for newborns. Then, as your child grows, you can easily convert it to an infant seat to add interactive toy play, then make it a toddler rocker. Flip out the kickstand to convert it from a rocker to a stationary seat. It folds easily and has a built-in handle, so it can go wherever you and baby do! Requires 1 "D" alkaline battery (not included). Includes 2 button-cell batteries for dog toy.

Maximum Weight: 40 lbs. (18 kg)

Developmental Guidelines: Use the upright position only when your child has developed enough upper body control to sit without leaning forward.

Benefits :-

Better for Mom...

Enjoy years of use from birth to 40 pounds!

Convenient space for feeding baby

So portable!

Machine-washable pad

Better for Baby...

Promotes comfort & security

Calming vibrations and gentle rocking motion help comfort and soothe baby.

Versatile seat angles add comfort for different age babies.

Stimulates senses

Baby-activated music and rattles offers auditory stimulation.

Bright colors and patterns stimulate baby's visual sense.

Adoiii…byknye brg yg I wish I could buy for my baby! Tgk baju2 baby kat online shopping ni pon dah rambang mata…ntah cemane la kalo masuk baby center mane2 ni…hahahaaa…sian my hubby have to layan my kerenah yg mengalahkan baby…mak nye yg lebih2…hahahaaaa stroller + carseat lom abes survey lg ni…dah sibuk dgn mende lain lak…brg2 essential lom tgk lg ni…dah sibuk dgn mende2 sampingan! Hahahaaaaa

One more thing that catch my interest is Simple Dimple : 2 in 1 Activity Playgym & Sleeping Mat with Pillow! Perghh menariknyeeeeeee!!! Mcm aku lak yg nk main tu nnt! Hahahaaaaa

Product Descriptions :-

  • Playgym can be converted into sleeping mat with pillow
  • Many interactive & activity toys such as hand puppet, soft rattle, rattle keys & mirror
  • A basic & must have toy for nay growing baby
  • Activity playgym will keep baby busy for hours
  • Excellent to stimulate baby's hand-eye coordination, sensory development, imagination, exploration, focus & problem solving skills
  • Enhance baby's brain development through fun & play
  • Non toxic & meet international safety requirements

Recommended Age : Birth & Up

Aduh baby…nampaknye mama baby lak yg excited lebih2 nih nk shopping nih…mcm2 mama wish mama could buy!!!kuang3x…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Letter to my dear baby

My Dear Baby,

So,this is my second letter for you J

Right now, at 5.42am after papa went to work, mama was getting online again still obsessed with baby items I want to buy for you. If only we have enough cash to get some leisure and buy anything we like! Oh mama wants to screammmmm!!!

Yesterday, we bought you 3 pieces of rompers and a pair of socks online. Want to see it? I’ll paste the pictures at the end of my letter aite…

Right now, I really2 wish we could buy this stroller and car seat for you. Well, if we don’t have to look at the price tag, mama & papa berkenan sgt dgn set yg ni…

Quinny Zapp & Maxi Cosi Cabrio Travel System

New / Baru

Ready Stock

Price : RM1550 include courier !!!

Retail Price : RM2057 (save RM507)

Tapi, mama & papa baru nak mula hidup berkeluarga…so, we don’t think we can afford to buy such things for our family. Sebab, yg mewah2 ni kehendak kan bukan keperluan… there’s a lot out there option lain utk memenuhi keperluan ada stroller and car seat so mama & papa have to go and look around for opportunity to have the best that still suit our taste & needs. Haaaaahhhh… nak yg cute nih jugak!!!! Mama lak yg xleh tahan diri mama ni daripade terburu nafsu nk beli yg ni jugak sbb sgt la comel nye stroller & car seat nih!!

Okay, besides stroller & car seat, mama pon tgh obsess pasal baby carrier. Mama jumpe forum ibu2 yg support suh baby wearing (sentiasa dukung baby dkt dgn parents) supaya baby will feel save and dekat dgn parents. So mama goes thru several websites and choices of baby wearing support accessories and mama jumpe lg baby carrier yg mama nak…! Haiiihhhh… byk btol brg mama nk beli for you but… I don’t know wat to say…huhuhu…

Ni la baby carrier yg mama nak tu… kalo la diikutkan nafsu, mmg byk lg brg dlm wishlist mama…heheheee…next post nnt mama akan letakkan brg2 yg dlm wishlist so that maybe later when our financial getting better, mama leh look back and tgk ape yg tak dpt dibeli and maybe leh beli later for your adik2… insyaAllah kalau family kite ni ade rezeki lebih & dpt berkembang lg…heheheee…mama ni byk sgt keinginan… pastu dah la tu, sume brg2 yg mama suke, biasenye mahal2…kui3x…

Okay, mama rase second letter ni smp sini dulu. Now dah kul 6.12am and mama dah mula lapa so mama nak gi wat bfast for myself and you sayang J but before mama end this letter, as mama has promised you early in this letter, mama gonna paste here those items yg mama & papa dah belikan utk Myiesha stakat ni…

1) Baby Bath Towel – Dryfirst Kids

Mydin Hypermart Ayer Keroh


2) Adidas Romper - Blue ( Actually we want to buy it yellow colour but only blue available ) Online Boutique


3) Trumpette (Tangerine Colour) Baby Socks Online Boutique


4) Carter’s Mama Sweet Heart Romper


5) Baby’s Own Romper x 2pcs

RM8.00 & RM10.00

Catch you later my dear sweet heart in my womb J takmo nakal2 eh sayang…

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cloth Diapers Obsession

For now, I am looking forward to buy cloth diapers as my first move. Oh I forgot, first thing I got for my baby was sets of bath towel at Mydin Melaka mase balik sane aritu sempena wedding kembo ku! Those towels are so cute I can’t help myself! Hahaaa… kat Mydin pon jadi laaaa… so, for the 2nd item, I am looking forward to….Cloth Diapers!!!

Been thinking about it and I think my decision is right since pakai disposable diapers pon ade byk kelemahannye… kalau travel maybe leceh sket la nk bawak cloth diapers ni kn tapi if baby ade kulit yg sensitip, cloth diapers masih ade cara nya utk travelling. Menarik!!! Byk benefits pakai cloth diapers(CD) ni… I learned about it on some websites yg byk membantu memberi info on this…

I surf so many blogs and websites menyebabkan sort of confused nak pilih CD yg mane! Heheee…

Been thinking of trying some brand first yg ade offer & affordable price J with needed quality I think! Based from my reading about this topic! Ade terpk gak mcm nak jadi reseller je… bole gak bantu kwn2 mane yg berminat nak same2 memeriahkan dunia CD ni kan… maklum la… save our budget, save the world and most important, our baby nye keselesaan… CD function exactly like disposable diapers dgn extra function, no rashes to our baby… <-mengikut pendapat pengguna yg dah gune… me myself lom gune pon lg…heheeeeee…. But after my baby used them later, I’m gonna review here from my own experience kan kan kan…

Nak CD!! Nak CD!! Nak CD!!!! Hmmm…nampaknye mama baby dah jadi mcm baby lak melaung2 nak CD! Hahaaa!! Ade byk sgt CD available in the market and byk sgt corak comeyl2...kaler cantik....huwaaaaaa....confused nak beli yg mane :p

lame2 dah tak peduli lg dah pasal diri sendiri...nk shopping for baby jeeee...hahahaaaa

I go thru baby disposable diapers prices available in the market…kalo for newborn, MamyPoko, heheee…RM25.90 for 28+2 pieces…hmmm…not bad tapi kalo for travel la kan… kalo dok umah, I still go for cloth diapers…! Sgt menarik…dgn design, colour & benefits2 nye…

I hope kwn2 yg jual CD ni tak marah I’m gonna paste this pic here in my blog…cam comel jek pic ni dgn info yg superb menariknye bagi mom-to-be J

Friday, July 17, 2009

I am officially a baby's freak...

I am officially a baby’s freakkk!!! Proudly stated that since I found out my bookmarks in all my three types of web-browsers are all about babies!! Baby’s cloth diapers, baby wearing accessories, breast pump & the benefit of breastfeed! Baby’s clothes!! Baby’s stroller, car seat, bathing accessories, playpen!! Pendek kate, mcm2 adaaaaaaaaa and they includes blogs mommies2 yg share their experiences…I love it!! Nasib baik la ade internet kat Kunak ni eventho I stay here like I only have my hubby and my maid as my physically frens :p while nadia aka my kembo as my phone/on-line fren! well, maybe that’s describe how I longed for my baby to come out asap!! :p no laaaa… actually all I want now is my baby will be delivered healthfully and cutey!! Heheeee… and not to forget, I hope my rezeki to get a post as a teacher will come true one fine day J

At first, tade la excited sgt nk beli2 brg baby ni since dgr2 kaba org kate jgn excited sgt takut jd ape2 spjg 9 bulan tu… but now, I cant help it anymore…! I am now on my 29th week pregnancy and I am very excited to shop for my baby! Bak kate Papa Myiesha, “baby yg excited nak pakai ke, mama baby yg nak excited nk pakai ni?” heheeee… I don’t know how these feeling suddenly appear in me but this is what I am now! *grinnnnnnn*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My first letter for my baby :)

My Dear Baby Myiesha,

Finally, mommy & daddy have found u one final confirm name. Haha! Myiesha confirm insyaAllah... tapi mama still pk pk lg nk letak name sambung lain ke... or Myiesha would be enough... if only i can asked you my dear little baby :)

Stakat ni, mama ade few names yg mama suke nk letak as sambungan to ur full name but i'm not sure patut ke letak name sambung... tak ke nnt akan buat ur name too long...lgpon, zaman skang ni dah ramai sgt dah yg ade name pjg2...

let's imagine... Myiesha binti Erwan Musyit... rase mcm dah ok kan?

Myiesha means Life's Blessing...
Mama hope your life will be blessed by Allah for every second :)

Aritu time we both discussed bout ur name, we came across Ermina... means friendly... sedap tak agaknye ek? We like it since ade la mcm name2 papa sket kan...

let's try Myiesha Ermina binti Erwan Musyit...
ermmm...boleh tahan menarik kan?

Mama dah pk case ade org yg tak pandai sebut name myiesha nnt, org sure akan pronouns as Misha... but nvm... Misha pon ade makna gak... makna dia beautiful girl :)
kalau eja Mysha, means happy life... so both pon ok kan...

Mula2 dulu before mama n papa pilih nama Myiesha, mama suke mcm2 name... byk sgt haha! tp sume pendek2... some of them... Naylee, Myreen, Zyva, Eiliyah, Aaleeyah, Ayra... then we came across Myiesha... and papa yg sgt sgt suke name ni :) buat mama pon jatuh cinta dgn name ni jugak if compared to the rest yg mama suke tu... especially the meaning of Myiesha tu...

Now umo Myiesha dah masuk 28-29 weeks... Myiesha suke gerak2 dlm perut mama ni... sometimes Myiesha active sgt sampai mama rase susah lagi2 bile kt dapur...haha! but i like it when i found out you're active makes me feel good... i hope when you come out, you'll be an active child... and bright and intelligent and good girl too! byk harapan mama kt Myiesha tau! mama dah plan dah... nnt mama nak exclusively breastfeed Myiesha sbb mama nak make sure Myiesha dpt semua the benefit of susu ibu and xmau la Myiesha minom susu lembu! hahaaaa mama kan ada...lain la kalo mama tade... in case mama dpt keje cpt pon, mama dah tgk dah cara2 cemane nk make sure Myiesha dpt minum susu ibu... mcm2 info mama dah bace tau! punye la excited nak dpt Myiesha...

hmmm....oklah later mama sambung lg k surat utk my dear baby nih... now mama nak masak for our lunch :)