Friday, September 29, 2006

bila si 'pemalas belajar' menaip..

kenape saye rase malas belajar dikala final examzzzzZzzz dah nak dekat sgt sgt dah ni?

saye rase rajin nk belajar tp rase malas nk tgk huruf2 kat notes dan buku teks.. maka skang ni saye saje je menaip konon2 nye nk carik mood.. hehe

bile nampak word malas balajar kat atas tu tetibe rase mcm rajin plak nk balajar.. haha notes dah ade depan mata ni.. cepat cepat! jom belajar..!

tiba-tiba aku terpk.. apesal aku rase mcm ade gaya2 bakal giler je ni..

Thursday, September 28, 2006

emotionally retarded

ngehehe! i'm creating this when i'm supposed to study for all my 8subject's final examszzzzZzzz..

this sem is a real hactic sem for me..

i think i'm gonna be a crazy girl lah~! taking 8subjects really have driven me crazy.. i dunno which one to study first and i get confused with the syllibus..

seriously i had put my brain on a danger zone..

while i'm busy with all the academic matter.. i'm also been very busy thinking on how am i going to pay my fees.. for my next three trimester.. insyaAllah..

i really hope i manage to get better numbers for my pointer.. so that my dad would happily help me to pay all my future fees..

dear Allah, please help me.. i really hope i can graduate on time on this plan.. and i hope i can get a very good job to pay all my debts.. plus i hope all my debtors would pay all their debts so that i can manage my account well.. and i hope i always have your attention and guidance.. amin..